Bad Data

This week at home we’ve been looking into the book of Galatians as the Apostle Paul was addressing the conflicting ideas entering the Church. Think of a computer. When you get bad data in a file it is said to be corrupted or unusable. This is a statement all video gamers understand, “Your save file has been corrupted”. Sometimes these errors come in unintentionally causing  conflicts in the computer. Other times false information is introduced on purpose. We recognize these as hacks or attempts to take control of your data or your computer. When Paul addresses the Church in Galatia certain people were adding to what was being taught. Specifically he was concerned about adding the requirements of Jewish law to salvation. Salvation is by Christ alone and no “works of man” are necessary. That hack was attempting to change the system God had put into place by combining it with false data. The Church cannot function this way as it makes the whole system unstable. As we think about our life we are reminded to watch what data we allow in the system. Ours days should be Christ centered not self seeking, humbly desiring God’s will to be done in this life. On a computer you can lock down your Internet and run virus software to find the compromised data. In your life, open the Word of God and allow scripture and the Holy Spirit to configure your heart.

Grace and Peace

Dan W.