Why Can’t You See?

Bible Glasses

1 John

As I was reading this evening I pondered why people don’t understand a believer’s life with God.

I walk like them, see like them and interact in all aspects with people in this world and yet in conversations we couldn’t be more different.  We are all human yet without knowing the Lord as Savior my acquaintances are completely ignorant of the truth all around them. It’s like asking someone to believe one plus one equals five. Sometimes discouragement slips in leaving me wondering.  Then I came across just what was needed at the right time. Funny how God works in His timing, (I like that) In 1 John 3:20 I was encouraged by the Word that it is God who brings understanding and allows them to see, just like it was for me at salvation.  No one could force me to see what was right there the whole time. None but God as He revealed the truth to me. Faithful people had planted and watered but they did not save me, the Lord Jesus did.  We can have joy in our lives as we live humbly according to His will. Follow the path God set before us as children of God. Living in the world not of the world, spreading the truth to those around where God places us. The whole while leaving results in people’s hearts to God. Someday in glory all will be as it should be as we are made like Christ. Until then may Christ find us faithful and resting in Him.  

In Christ

Dan W.